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  • Stainless steel black ge single oven gas ranges jgbs66rekss 64 1000
  • Stainless steel black ge single oven gas ranges jgbs66rekss a0 1000
  • Stainless steel black ge single oven gas ranges jgbs66rekss 1d 1000

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Brand GE
MODID F20F0F23-21F4-4C3A-8930-611B0B49E2F6
MODID {F20F0F23-21F4-4C3A-8930-611B0B49E2F6}


EDGE-TO-EDGE COOKTOP A large cooking surface gives you extra room for pots and pans of all sizes and lets cookware move easily from burner to burner

Extra-large integrated non-stick griddle

15,000 BTU Power Boil burner Delivers high heat for fast boiling

Center oval burner Large oval fifth burner is ideal for griddle cooking

Steam clean Save time and effort by steam-cleaning the oven after cooking. No special water, kits or extra steps required. Precise Simmer burner Delicate foods don’t burn with low, even heat

Heavy duty, dishwasher-safe grates Easily and safely clean grates in the dishwasher

5.0 cu. ft. oven capacity Cook more dishes at once Sealed cooktop burners Contains spills and make cleaning quick and easy

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